Our Team

Supervised Doctoral Dissertations
2015 Fujii, Shigeko.  Ph.D. in Counseling Science.  
 Model for helping students who attend nurse's office  through the change of relationship between mother and student.

2013 Sagara, Naoko.  Ph.D. in Counseling Science. 

 A study about coordination by school nurse to activate stundent's resources.

2010 Iechika, Sanae Ph.D. in Counseling Science.  
  The Function of Coordination committee to affect improvement of the psychological educational support services.

2010 Taruki, Yasuo Ph.D. in Counseling Science.
  A study about the intervention of the support of a teacher raising the self-evaluation of the junior high school through a cooperative group experiences.

2010 Yamaguchi, Toyokazu PhD. in Counseling Science.
  Management committees' functions influence team support system and team support
activities in junior high schools. 

2010 Seto, Minako Ph.D in Psychology
  Coordination of student support team and support system in junior and senior high schools.

2010 Kamimura, Etsuko Ph.D in Psychology
  Teachers' process of building rapport in parent-teacher conferences

2009 Tamura, Setsuko Ph.D in Psychology
  Types of student support team which includes parent as a partner, and qualitative analysis of support process of each type.

2009 Honda, Masahiro Ph.D in Psychology
  Study about relationship between help-seeking behavior and school-adjustment in junior high school students: Focused on evaluations of help

2006 Tamura, Shuichi Ph.D in Psychology
  Influence Factors of Help-Seeking Preferences among Junior High School Teachers in Japan.

2002 Iida, Junko Ph.D in Psychology
  Study of school-life skills among junior high school students. 

2001 Mizuno, Haruhisa in Psychology
  Sociological and psychological factors relating to preferences among help providers of Asian international students in Japan: Establishing 
a helping system based on their attitudes toward counseling.